My name is Bill Mitchell, and I'm writing this recommendation on behalf of Sagiv Weiss-Ishai. I've been interested in elevator code since 1972 when I joined the trade.  During my probation period I purchased "The Elevator Safety Orders", the California State Code book at the time.  For over 15 years I served as the Northern California Code Rep for Westinghouse, and then Schindler Elevator Corporation.  Over the years I've worked with many inspectors on many aspects of the code.  None have been as passionate and comprehensive as Sagiv Weiss-Ishai, who I met back in 2008.  Sagiv has a curiosity about the codes and their purpose and making sense out of what sometimes makes no sense.  He and I put together comprehensive materials for several Fire Inspector Classes.  Sagiv brings a passion and knowledge to his teaching that in my experience, can not be matched.  The Elevator Firefighter's code has evolved over the years and many buildings can have different codes in effect.  This is tough enough for an Elevator Inspector, but Sagiv can school anyone on these differences and how they all come together.

I truly feel strongly about recommending Sagiv's classes to any and all Elevator and or Firefighter personnel.

William (Bill) Mitchell Jr.
Kone Elevator

I had the pleasure of hiring Sagiv as a Fire Protection Engineer for the San Francisco Fire Department early in my years as the Fire Marshal.  As I had hoped, Sagiv developed into one of my most trusted resources for advice on the myriad of code issues that arose during my tenure.  I always felt confident with him by my side, as I knew I could count on him to consistently represent the Department professionally and competently.
In his capacity as a fire protection engineer for the SFFD, Sagiv has many responsibilities, including the plan review of the most complex buildings being built in San Francisco, the handling of pre-application meetings, the analysis of equivalency proposals, and the training of staff.  His enthusiasm for his work is evident, and infectious, as he seemingly tirelessly discusses and explains code requirements to his colleagues and the public.
Sagiv is well known for his expertise in fire alarm systems, and he proudly serves on the National Fire Protection Association's fire alarm committee.  His enthusiasm is reflected in the NFPA 72 Fire Alarm Code changes that he has successfully ushered through the approval process.  Because he recognized that elevator fire safety requirements were confusing to many in the design community and the fire service, he took on the challenge of demystifying them.  He has presented numerous classes and seminars on this subject, and is considered an expert in the field.  He is personally responsible for helping hundreds of people understand the intricacies of elevator fire protection requirements.
I highly recommend Sagiv as an instructor of any topic in the field of fire protection that he chooses to teach.  He is competent, enthusiastic, and professional. Furthermore, he is a valuable resource to his students and he routinely stays in contact with them, assisting them with questions.


Barbara Schultheis
Fire Marshal (Retired)
Assistant Deputy Chief
San Francisco Fire Department

I have been involved in the codes and standards making process for over 40 years and one of the most important elements of the process involves having individuals, not just from one related discipline and one point of view, but from different but related disciplines who are able to share different perspectives related to the same code or standard.

The involvement and input from municipal AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) is invaluable and crucial to producing good safety codes and standards.

Sagiv Weiss-Ishai, a Fire Protection Engineer with the San Francisco Fire Department is one such individual. I met Sagiv during the NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code technical committee meetings in 2013. Sagiv, in particular, provided valuable perspectives from the fire department plans review, approvals, inspection, and operations sides of fire alarm systems, especially the interface with fire alarm and elevator systems. He provided the committee with technical information which otherwise would not have been known to most of the committee members and he provided code proposals to clarify the intent of various code sections. Sagiv is an invaluable technical committee member because of the real-life experience he brings.

I also have participated with Sagiv in the ASME A17.1/B44 Elevator and Escalator Safety Code committees (Emergency Operations and Hoistway Committees) where Sagiv has communicated the perspective of the fire alarm operation and fire inspection points of view and issues to the committees.

Sagiv has provided presentations and taught classes to various industry forums and conferences such as NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers) and others.

I would highly recommend Sagiv as an instructor for any teaching/learning process as he has not only exceptional hands-on experience with codes, standards, and enforcement, but also the necessary skills in presenting as well as a passion for explaining details.

Bruce Fraser
Fraser Fire Protection Services
Milford MA

I have spent most of my adult life as a firefighter (39 years) and instructor (36 years) to the fire service, including publishing related articles and a book on elevator and escalator safety for firefighters, published by PennWell Books. I also have spent 23 years as a member of the ASME A17.1 Emergency Operations Committee, helping write the code changes that  affect the operation of elevators controlled by firefighters who are using them during operations in buildings on fire.

During these years I have seen and met many individuals who work in the same fields regarding the safety of firefighters and the riding public. One of the most critical roles that I have enjoyed working at was the membership in the ASME A17 Task Group that was charged with producing the Fire Service Access Elevator (FSAE) and the Occupant Evacuation Operation (OEO) language for  ASME A17.1-2013/CSA B-44-13, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. This was an 8 year project that is now bearing fruit in the implementation of both the FSAE and the OEO concepts in construction of new buildings across North America.

Sagiv-Weiss-Ishai, a Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) with the San Francisco Fire Department, is a man that I have had many dealings with about the use of these systems in buildings. He has been a great help with his expert knowledge on codes and standards, with the added exposure to the fire department operations. This provides a great balance to his knowledge of how these systems actually not only work, but how they are used by the fire service.
He has established an impressive repertoire of course materials covering many technical code issues that  he will present in a class or lecture setting that I have no doubt will be fulfilling for the student.

I am greatly impressed with Sagiv as an instructor, and take great pleasure in recommending him to all.

John J. O'Donoghue
Assistant Chief (Retired)
Cambridge (MA) Fire Department

I have been involved in the fire/life safety industry as a sales consultant going on 24 years now. I am currently serving on a technical committee for NFPA-72, Chapter 18 & Annex A, executive committee for NFPA Building Fire Safety Systems Section and an Ambassador for NICET. I hold a NICET level IV certification in fire alarm systems, Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) through NFPA, fire/life safety inspector for the Commonwealth of KY and have my CA State Fire/Life Safety Inspection license.

I have been privileged to know Sagiv for at least seven years now through our mutual involvement in NFPA, CAFAA, SFPE and at his current position as a Fire Protection Engineer for the City of San Francisco Fire Department, Bureau of Fire Prevention.

I have been very fortunate to be able to hear Sagiv talk on several occasions about the Elevator Code Requirements. His perspective coming from the AHJ viewpoint is invaluable because of the sheer number of projects he has designed and reviewed and his vast knowledge in this arena. He is also involved in the Elevator code process through ASME, principal enforcer member for NFPA-72 and a FPE in the State of CA.

He has been the only person for me to sort through the vast number of Elevator codes required to design the correct Elevator interface to the fire/life safety system. I can't imagine how he figures this all out with the local, city and state codes, NFPA standards 72, 13 & 70, CBC, CFC codes for CA and ASME A17.1. Also, keeping up with all the latest technologies with Elevator Controllers, types of Elevators and shunt-trip requirements.

Sagiv speaks with authority with all his fire/life safety industry experience and presents it in a format that is engaging, clear and concise. His classes are also invaluable to me, it allows me to design with confidence in the correct Elevator interface and where to find code information when I need it.

I would recommend, without any question, Sagiv as an instructor for Elevator Code Requirements or for any other Fire Protection/Life Safety course he would put together. He is driven to serve our Industry and giving back whenever he can.

Steven P. Lewis

I have been involved in the design and implementation of wireless communications systems for 38 years. The last 5 years have seen an explosion in the area of Emergency Responders Radio Coverage Systems. Many jurisdictions refuse to learn the complicated nuances of wireless technology, and have just fallen back on strict code enforcement . San Francisco, because of its unique terrain, concentration of high rise buildings and dense RF environment, has unique needs. In 2008 I met Sagiv Weiss-lshai while working on one of these projectsv has taken the time to immerse himself in this technology, and has done the necessary research to make himself an expert in this field. He has spoken with numerous industry experts to make sure he has a well-rounded knowledge of these systems and the code requirements surrounding them . In his position of reviewing these systems for code compliance, Sagiv has had a chance to see firsthand the challenges from both the building owner's perspective as well as that ofthe system integrator. He understands both points of view and is able to make practical decisions that benefit all and still protect the public. He is very detail oriented and knowledgeable about a number of areas of the Fire Code, which give him a broad perspective.

I have seen Sagiv give presentations on this topic to groups of various sizes at both the National and Local levels, and he is always well prepared, thorough, and engaging. He balances information from the fire code with that of the equipment and installation requirements, and provides creative audio and visual aids to keep the audience interested and involved. He shows examples of installed systems and technical documents that appeal to all audiences.

I would recommend Sagiv as a teacher or presenter of many areas of the Fire Code and related systems. His thorough knowledge of his subject matter, real world field experience and enthusiasm for teaching and learning makes for an excellent experience for any audience.

Bob Luhrs
Senior Account Executive
Wireless Voice & Data Integrator

I have known and worked with Sagiv since 2005 in my capacity as owner of Drafting Specialties. I have always found Sagiv to be very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to fire alarm code and how it relates to a specific project. Sagiv has always impressed me with his grasp of not only the fire code, but specifically the intent of the fire code. During his capacity as a Fire Protection Engineer with the San Francisco Fire Department, I have had the opportunity to work with Sagiv on many occasions. I have found him to always provide excellent responses tomy questions and find his willingness to help refreshing.

I have also attended a few of Sagiv's training presentations on various fire code related topics. Sagiv does an excellent job of not only making the presentation educational, but he is able to make a dry and most of the time boring class seem interesting. He is a very good presenter and attendees will come away with a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject Sagiv has presented.

I would recommend Sagiv as an instructor without reservation. He has a keen knowledge of the fire code and a talent for making dry presentations interesting. His ability to explain and interpret the code as well as his passion for fire and life safety requirements makes him the ideal individual to recommend.

Ron Williams
Drafting Specialties